The Santa María Basilica


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This is the oldest church in the city, dating back to the 14th century. It was built upon the ruins of Alicante's biggest mosque and has a single, non-cruciform nave with side chapels between the buttresses.

Its baroque facade is crowned by two assymetrical towers - one built in the 14th century and the other in the 18th century. Highlights include the doorway with its image of the Virgin Mary by sculptor Juan Bautista Borja.

Inside it boasts an 18th century rococo main altar and the Bautismo, Inmaculada and Comunión chapels. The chapterhouse contains an enormous baptismal font from the 16th century and a Valencian baroque organ from 1653.

As for the many works of art in its interior, there are two pieces of the fifteenth century, a Gothic stone image representing Santa Maria and the likes of Santos Juanes by Rodrigo de Osona.

In 2007, upon request by the City of Alicante to the Holy See, the temple was promoted to the rank of basilica.

Plaza Santa Marí­a, s/n. Alicante
965 216 026