Cafe Noray Bar

Coffee & tea

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Located in the center of the inner harbor of the Port of Alicante, is possibly one of the most beautiful coffee and drinks bar in Spain. Its wood and metal structure, designed by architect JC Garcia Solera, makes it glimmer over the water. The winter enjoyment with a morning coffee listening to classical music is all an event. The same happens in the summer evening with the candlelight and listening to relaxing music.
Minimalist in design, combined with wood and steel, it's the perfect place to feel the sea breeze in this area of the port, and to enjoy a drink, generally accompanied by classical and jazz music, always at the appropriate volume.
The Café Noray Bar is located at the port of Alicante, near the boat embankments that link the island of Tabarca to the city.

Paseo Conde Vallellano, s/n - Puerto de Alicante. Alicante