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Carnival is one of the city's most lively, open and popular celebrations, with most of the action taking place on "Sábado Ramblero", or the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, in the form of fancy dress parades and music in the streets. Other events worthy of mention include: "Dijous Gras" : this takes place on the Thursday before "Sábado Ramblero" and involves a parade through some of Alicante's main thoroughfares (San Vicente, Rambla de Méndez Núñez, Labradores...) Carnival Tuesday: The figure of "Don Carnal" is put on mock trial and the "Procesión del Pelele" parades through the streets of the Old Quarter. Entierro de laSardina or "Burying the Sardine": this happens on Ash Wednesday, and involves a parade that ends with the burning of an effigy traditionally in the shape of a sardine.