San Fernando Castle


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The castle of San Fernando, raised upon mount Tossal, was inaugurated during the war of independence against the French in the year 1813. Constructed with the purpose of becoming a prison, and to strengthen its ability to defend the castle of Santa Bárbara. It was never used as intended because Alicante didn't experience a French occupation.

The castle got its name San Fernando, in honor of King Fernando VII. It consists of a geometric polygonal bastion and is truncated cone shaped, united with uniquely patterned curtains. It also had two half bastions, and another with reduced dimensions situated in front of the most vulnerable parts of the mountain. Its interior was used for storage and housed offices and accommodations for the troops. At the main entrance are two pylons crowned with lions carved of stone.

Although it is declared as a place of cultural interest, the fortress, not the surroundings are in an abandoned state.

C/ Ronda del Castillo s/n. Alicante