Las Cigarreras Cultural Center

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The new Cultural Center Las Cigarreras located in one of the most representative buildings of the city, the former tobacco factory, is a multidisciplinary center, a place of interaction, dialogue, creation and projection of avant-garde art in all its manifestations artistic. In short, a place to unite and project art and culture with a plural, active and fluid vision.The popular tobacco factory was established at the beginning of the 19th century and is an outstanding example of the area's architectural urban heritage. As a prime source of employment for thousands of workers over two centuries, it forms part of the collective memory for several generations of Alicante citizens. The restoration project for three of the factory warehouses, where the centre is currently housed, has transformed this place into a prominent Spanish cultural venue.These restored warehouses now serve as a space for contemporary culture as they house the Caja Negra (Black Box), a multifunctional auditorium for musical and theatrical performances; the Patrimonio Cultural warehouse and the Casa de la Música (House of Music). There is also a Vertical Garden outdoors.

C/ San Carlos, 78.
965 206 674