Carbonell Building


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Known as "Casa Carbonell" or "Carbonell House" and standing at the nš1 on the Explanada de Espaņa, this is one of the most striking buildings in Alicante. Built by Juan Vidal Ramos between 1922 and 1925, its construction is attached to one of the biggest urban legends of Alicante. Acording to legend the alcoyano Industrialist Enrique Carbonell , enriched after the First World War came one day to the old Palace Hotel (until recently it was the Chamber of Commerce ) badly dressed and dirty after a trip and denied his request to stay. Obviously angry, he promised to build next door a building that was better than the Palace, and lifted the house that bears his name. Although there are those who still believe in this particular story, the legend was denied for years by the industrial family .The French like ornamentation of its facade is overloaded with classical elements. Its construction consists of materials such as marble , sandstone, iron, glass and slate. Curiously, the year it opened, a seaplane from Algiers collided with a terrace at the top of the building, one of the crew died causing the collapse of one of the floors.

Explanada de Espaņa, 1. Alicante