About Alicante

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The local gastronomy is undoubtedly one of Alicante's most renowned tourist attractions. Alicante's cuisine is typically Mediterranean. The history of Alicante, its geographical location, and the climate and the fertility of its lands lend richness and varietyto this region's gastronomy.

Rice, the basic ingredient of all of the region's cuisine, plays a leading role in a huge variety of recipes, although many other ingredients are also used in the preparation of traditional recipes. Many dishes combine rice with different ingredients such as vegetables, meat or fish. Worthy of special mention are the arroz a bandarice dish with seafood, arroz a la alicantinarice dish with chicken and shellfish, caldero (typical dish of Tabarca Island), arroz caldosobrothy rice dish and the popular olletarice dish with meat and vegetables.

These include aniseed rolls known as rollitos de anís, la coca boba -which is a sweet spongy biscuit, dates and dried fruits. That's not to mention the famousice creams and the turrón de Jijona nougat or the delicious chocolate from neighbouring Villajoyosa.

The red wines with their double layer and intense colour, the young rose and white wines made from grapes of the Monastrell, Vermeta or Garnacha varieties and el Fondillón, a world-famous aged wine from Alicante. To accompany the montaditos we have, la "paloma" y el "cantabria", which are a traditional drink based on dry aniseed and very cold water, and a herb liqueur, respectively.