The Hogueras de San Juan


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This is the city's most important celebration officially. Declared as of International Tourist Interest, they are one of the most crowded parties of the country and its origin lies in the tradition of burning useless objects with the arrival of the summer solstice, although in 1928 when it made bits current characteristics.Throughout the city, over 200 large satirical papier mâché statues are set up. These will go up in smoke on the 24th June during the spectacular "Night of Burning" or "Noche de la Cremà", alongside the popular "Banyà" or "soaking" as firefighters put out the blazes.The party created in 1932 and an honorary figurehead of the celebrations, the Bellea Foc (Fire Beauty) is the homecoming queen. She is dressed in the costume of Alicante girlfriend and is accompanied by six ladies calls the Ladies of Fire.The celebrations include events such as the "Mascletàs" (a stunning fireworks and firecrackers competition held from the 20th to the 24th in the Plaza de los Luceros square at 2pm), the proclamation known as the Pregón, the setting up of the bonfires known as "La Plantà", the procession of the effigies known as the Cabalgata del Ninot, and parades, with a special floral tribute to the Virgen del Remedio.Date: June 20th-24th