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Lorea Restaurant on the beach of San Juan, Alicante.

Simple and unpretentious family Basque cuisine.

Your entire family will not be disappointed.

Starters: magnificent croquettes, tuna salad, marine clams, let alone the squid, baby squid, ham scrambled with shrimp, snacks, shrimp scampi, tortillas (really tasty the cod tortillas), fresh anchovies ... and let us advise you to take a look at what is on the bars display fresh out of the kitchen.

Seconds: excellent fish (very good hake, sole and turbot). The steaks are not unworthy either. In general, all very scrumptious.

Rich homemade desserts: flan, baked apples and rice pudding ... kind and friendly service, nothing too formal.. Beach ambience (outside tables and and excellent views of the blue Mediterranean sea, check out pictures of the environment of Lorea).

Correct prices for such a visited place on the beach front. Certainly one of the best choices to eat well and cheaply at the Playa de San Juan, Alicante. Booking is advisable, especially in summer.

Avenida de Niza 4. (Playa de San Juan). Alicante