The Central Market


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The Central Market in Alicante is a building with its modernist-inspired elements was built under the supervision of Vidal Ramos between 1911 and 1912, on top of the 18th century walls that surrounded Alicante. It has a rectangular floor plan in the style of a basilica, with a circular appendage in the south-west corner topped by a semispherical cupola, "La Rotonda". One of its two stories is a half-basement due to the incline of the surrounding streets. Its main facade is dominated by a huge stairway featuring two protruding figures and has various decorative elements. In May 25, 1938, the Central Market of Alicante along with other parts of the city were bombarded by the Italian aviation facists. The death toll is inaccurate, but is estimated to be around 300 people. It was one of the bloodiest and indiscriminate aerial bombings of Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). There is a small plaque in memory of the victims of the bombing in the rear marketplace.

Av. Alfonso X el Sabio, 1. Alicante
965 14 07 63