The MARQ Provincial Archaeology Museum

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The Archaeological Museum of Alicante ( MARQ ) is located on the premises of what was once the Provincial San Juan de Dios Hospital , designed by architect Juan Vidal Ramos in 1932. The museum was originally located in the basement of the council, on avenida de la Estación Alicante, but since 2002 is based in the former premises of the hospital. It houses more than 81,000 pieces that show the rich history of the Costa Blanca and the legacy left by the civilizations after passing through the Mediterranean. Still, the main aspect that stands out is by its modern aesthetic, which makes great use of audiovisual and computer media and didactic explanations. It has a living Prehistory, Iberian culture, Roman culture , medieval and modern and contemporary cultures. It also has a temporary exhibition area through which they have passed some of the best works internationally as: Art and Thought in Ancient Greece, The enigma of the Mummy or the "Russian Hermitage. Along with the Guggenheim in Bilbao and Barcelona CosmoCaixa museum, are the only three museums in Spain to have won the European Museum of the Year Award , an award received in 2004.

Plaza del Doctor Gómez Ulla s/n.
965 149 000