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La Plaza de Toros of Alicante, is one of the oldest and active bullfighting plazas in the Comunidad Valenciana.

Constructed in 1847 by the architect and native of Alicante Emilio Jover, who is also the architect of the prime theatre of Alicante, the plaza was reformed under the direction of José Guardiola.

The new plaza, reopened in 1888, has a capacity for over 15,000 spectators, and a large yard for horses, a large block, pens, nursing pens and a chapel.

In this magnificent precinct, taking place during the Festival of the Bonfires of San Juan is Alicante's Bullfighting, with some of the greatest bullfighters of our time, and throughout the year you can visit inside the Bullfighting museum. The square has also been the scene of frequent concerts, political rallies and sporting events, highlighting the final of the Copa del Generalissimo (kings cup) Basketball of 1952 and the semifinals of the Davis Cup in 2004.

Plaza de España, 7. Alicante
965 217 678