Sede de Correos


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The old post office building, located in the Gabriel Miró plaza, regained its former appearance in 2011 and since then, returns to pound the heart of what was once the traditional central motor of social and economic activity.

An activity that is the public postal service, which ceased its function in 1999 due to the poor conditions of the property which affected the progressive deterioration of the area. Now, after profound refurbishments, it has recovered and functions as the new building for the public postal service.

The buildings original 1920's facade was conserved in its redesign by architect Luis Ferrero and modified after the Spanish civil war, created with a new design and a transparent and bright interior.

Among some of the original 1920's elements are the arcs and upstairs terrace and the emblematic mosaic with the words "Postal and telegraphs", next to the coats of Alicante and the Comunidad Valenciana.

Plaza Gabriel Miró, 7.
965 131 887