Alicante Theater


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On September 23, 1845 several city traders, two aristocratic families and two owners decided to build a theater. The building project was entrusted by the Alicante born and architect Emilio Jover Perron in a Neoclassical style, with a diametre of 234 x 122 x 54 palms, six Doric porch columns and triangular pediments with plain tympanum. Opened in 1847, this is a theatre par excellence. On February 28, 1939, during the Civil War, it was partially destroyed by the bombings, so it had to be restored between 1939 and 1941 by the architect Juan Vidal Ramos. Subsequently, from 1985 to 1992, it was renovated to expand the scene and props, in part by modifying the original image. Nowadays, the main facade retains its neoclassical style, while its interior, designed in accordance with the Italian typology of the period, is divided into three clearly differentiated areas: the vestibule, the horseshoe-shaped auditorium and the stage. It currently has the capacity for an audience of 1072. Last but not least, around its plaza you'll find an elm and canarian banana tree (ulmus minor and platanus hispanica), declared Arboreal Heritage Monuments.

Plaza Ruperto Chapí­, s/n. Alicante
965 203 100